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Every reading-specific LOS is paired with a checkbox to its left for you to tick when you feel competent about the LOS. Note the command words used to define the skills and abilities comprising the LOSes. As a rule, all the readings are obligatory and they form the basis for the exams. However, there are also some optional segments in the CFA Curriculum.

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These fragments are clearly marked as optional and they give you some additional information you will not be tested on in your exam. They are included in the curriculum alongside the required bits to make you understand things better.


All throughout the readings, you will find many bolded words and phrases. These are the words and phrases that have been defined for you in the glossary available at the end of every volume for your convenience. There are also numerous examples, tables, figures, exhibits, and formulas. Their role is to illustrate and better describe the concepts and situations explained in the curriculum. Each reading closes up with a bulleted summary followed by practice problems end-of-reading questions with solutions.

Note that all the examples, tables, figures, exhibits, formulas, and practice problems are part of the curriculum and they form the required segments. Take this to your heart, because exam questions are often based on the examples in the curriculum or the end-of-reading questions. Exam questions are also based on one or more LOSes.

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Our bite-sized video lectures give you a solid background for your further detailed study of the CFA Curriculum. Level 2 Book 1: Ethical and professional standards, quantitative methods and economics Level 1 Book 2: Economics Level 1 Book 2- Economics Level 1 Book 4: Corporate Finance, portfolio management and equity investments Level 1 Book 5: Fixed Income, derivatives and alternate investments Level 3, Book Level 2 Book 3: Equity Investments Level 1 Book 1: Ethical and Professional Standards and quantitative methods".

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One of the challenges with CFA exam is that you not only need to learn concepts but you should also be able to revise and reproduce on the day of the exam. When I got around to writing Level 3 in , I wanted a place to put my notes in a place where my kids couldn't destroy them. I do know that CFA started providing access to PDF versions of their books in or so, and I'm sure with environment being a greater concern today, Schweser would have PDF access to their books as well.

Complete for the December Level I Exam session. Want to add to the discussion?

Free CFA Level 1 Practice Questions | Questions + Answers

Level 3 summary notes: Am I missing something? Changes to curriculum To do so, either right-click on a link and select the "Save Target As" option from the menu list, or view the document by clicking on its link and then save the document from within your PDF reader program. Most of the candidates get serious for the exam two months before the CFA exam. Watch this video! In fifteen short lectures of 10 to 15 mins I will help you revise the Economics course and make you confident of passing the exam.

Similar to Schweser, these books provide a high-level summary of the content presented in the curriculum. Prepare for this level with top-class content provided by EduPristine. If you are searching for a book Cfa level 3 study guide in pdf form, then you've come to right site. It helped me to pass all exams on the first try! Exam Grading and Results.

For each level, you can also view the full curriculum readings for Study Session 1, all study sessions combined, and an index for all the study sessions combined. Practice exams for level 2 available! CFA Prep Level 1.

CFA level 1 preparation material click here. The level 1 examination consists of two one hour examinations that includes multiple choice questions based on the Level 1 Learning Outcomes Statements as required by the CFA Institute. A good performance in ethics can also earn you a pass in case you score at the borderline. CFA level 1 summary notes pdf click here. Are you ready for the Level I exam? It is a quick review for fundamentals of CFA Level 1 examination. CFA Books are available here for download. CAIA exams are administered twice per year at test centers around the world.

This is a proper mock exam, using the item-set and vignette format that's the same as the actual Level III exam PM session, rather than independent question-bank-type questions. Each study session includes learning outcome statements LOS and source references for the readings.

CFA Level 1 is the first step toward making your investment-career a reality.

Your Pathway to Professional Excellence. So, if you are one among those candidates and want to know how to approach CFA level II exam in next 2 months, then this post is for you. Material Focus Level Up Bootcamp. Kaplan Financial and. There is evidence of an arrangement between buyer and seller. I did like the summary and the notes. LMK if you have more questions.


Below you'll find current study session outlines by level. No calculations required 6 minutes. Condition is Good. Situational influences. These hand-typed notes condense the material into 57 pages and include all relevant formulas, charts, and tables that you will need to pass.