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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. As with many industries, managers in software development must keep their staff motivated, cost-justify their strategies, beat deadlines and balace budgets, but this becomes all the more challenging in an industry where terms, technologies and processes shift rapidly. This book explains the latest management strategies and techniques, and provides managers with the necessary background and insights to plan and execute a successful software project.

The issues are addressed with reference to the object software development process and UML. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. List of Figures. List of Tables. Conventional Software Management. The Waterfall Model. In Theory. In Practice. Conventional Software Management Performance. Evolution of Software Economics. Software Economics. Pragmatic Software Cost Estimation.

Improving Software Economics. Reducing Software Product Size. Object-Oriented Methods and Visual Modeling. Commercial Components. Improving Software Processes. Improving Team Effectiveness.


Investigations on Object Constraints in Unified Software Development Process | SpringerLink

Improving Automation through Software Environments. Achieving Required Quality. Peer Inspections: A Pragmatic View. The Old Way and the New. The Principles of Conventional Software Engineering. The Principles of Modern Software Management. Transitioning to an Iterative Process. Life-Cycle Phases. Engineering and Production Stages.

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  4. Inception Phase. Elaboration Phase. Construction Phase. Transition Phase. Artifacts of the Process. The Artifact Sets. The Management Set. The Engineering Sets. Artifact Evolution over the Life Cycle. Object-Oriented Design Measurement. A good, if mathematically challenging, treatment of the theoretical basis of software measurement. AND96 Stephen J. Andriole McGraw Hill. Contextual Design. Lockwood Software for Use. An excellent book on user-centric design, focusing on techniques and practical guidelines for developing software that is usable.

    COO99 Alan Cooper The Inmates are Running the Asylum. DAV93 Alan Davis Penguin Books USA. GOU88 John D. Gould Handbook of Computer Interaction , pp. GOU87 John D. Gould, Stephen J. Boies, Stephen Levy, John T. Richards and Jim Schoonard GRA92 Robert Grady HOL96 Holtzblatt, K. Beyer Wixon and J.

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    Ramey Eds. Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications. Human-centred design processes for interactive systems. KOV99 Benjamin L. Kovitz Manning Publications. Effective Requirements Management. MAY99 Deborah J. The Usability Engineering Lifecycle. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. Winters THA97 Richard H. Thayer and Merlin Dorfman Software Requirements Engineering, 2nd Edition. WEI95 Gerald Weinberg, Software Architecture in Practice. A handbook of software architecture, with numerous case studies. Following the model of the "gang of four" book Gamma, et al, see above this book makes an inventory of a wide range of design patterns at the level of the architecture.

    FOW97a Martin Fowler Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models. One of the earlier works on patterns, this book deals with patterns "in the small". An Introduction to Software Architecture. Applied Software Architecture. The architectural design approach they recommend is very similar to that of the RUP, based on multiple coordinated views. A great companion book to the RUP, this book offers insights on the design of components and systems of interconnected system, and lays out a strategy for institutionalizing a practice of systematic reuse at the corporate level.

    Domain Engineering Guidebook. PW92 Dewayne E. Perry and Alexander L. Foundations for the Study of Software Architecture. The Art of System Architecting. Although not specifically directed to software engineers, these two books are extremely valuable for software architects: in particular, they introduce an invaluable set of heuristics and many examples of architecture.

    REC91 Eberhardt Rechtin Systems Architecting: creating and building complex systems. ROY91 Walker E.

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    A good introduction to the concepts and problems of software architecture. WIT94 Bernard I. Witt, F. Terry Baker, and Everett W. Merritt One of the first comprehensive book written on software architecture. AMB99 Scott W.

    Investigations on Object Constraints in Unified Software Development Process

    Ambler The companion to [AMB98]. AMB98 Scott W. A good resource on process tailoring and applying object-oriented techniques to software engineering projects. BOE96 Barry W. This article defines the four phases and the corresponding milestones. BOE88 Barry W. This seminal article defines the principles and motivations of iterative development. Department of Defense, December FER01 Xavier Ferre et al. HIG00 James A. Highsmith Dorset House. HUM89 Watts S.

    Project Management System using JAVA

    Managing the Software Process. A classic book on software process and the capability maturity model developed at the Software Engineering Institute. ISO, Geneva, , 57p. ISO, Geneva Two key standards for software process definition and assessment. The Unified Software Development Process. This recent textbook is a more thorough description of the Unified Process and is a useful companion to the RUP. Also provides examples of UML modeling. This textbook on software reuse is great complement to the RUP. It features also some great chapters on architecture.

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    Extreme Programming Installed. This book describes practical Extreme Programming techniques. KRU96 Philippe Kruchten Developed with Walker Royce, Sue Mickel, and a score of Rational consultants, this article describes the iterative lifecycle of the Rational Process. KRU91 Philippe Kruchten The Rational iterative process in French. KRU00 Philippe Kruchten Describes a software process improvement program model called IDEAL, a generic description of a sequence of recommended steps for initiating and managing a process implementation project.

    Software Project Management : A Unified Framework (paperback)

    PAR86 David L. Parnas and Paul C. Software Eng. PAU93 Mark Paulk, et al. Capability Maturity Model for Software, Version 1. The original reference for the capability maturity model. ROY90 Walker E. BAC01a James Bach James Champy Thomas H. Hans-Erik Eriksson and Magnus Penker Michael Hammer and James Champy David A. Nadler and Michael L.

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    Tushman Oxford University Press. Defines organizational architecture and capabilities as a source of competitive advantage. James J. Odell Cambridge University Press. Provides a good overview, among other things, on the topic of business rules. Wiley Cost Management Series. An introduction to understanding the management of costs, and how to implement activity-based costing ABC and activity-based management ABM systems. David Whitgift Serge Bouchy Frederick P.

    Alan Davis Peter DeGrace and Leslie Stahl Harvey M. Charles Fishman Ian Graham, et al. JoAnn T. An Approach to Designing e-business Solutions. Architecture Description Standard: Overview. Architecture Description Standard: Semantic Specification. IBM IEEE Std Jon R. Nasser Kettani, et al. Doug Lea Jim McCarthy