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We begin in Sec. A simple example in the program Mixing illustrates entropy calculations. The basic tools in the statistical calculation, called partition functions, are introduced in Sec.

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In Sec. The calculations in Sec. Ideal-gas calculations lead to the methods of statistical chemical thermodynamics described in Sec.


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Statistical Thermodynamics Of Surfaces, Interfaces, And Membranes

On completion of the course, the student should be able to: discuss the physical interpretation and justify the use of different ensembles and superpositions as well as calculate thermodynamic properties in model systems justify and interpret interaction potentials as well as calculate thermodynamic properties using corresponding configuration integrals for different model systems analyse and apply partition function theory on fluids analyse problems concerning adsorption and phase equilibria with the help of grid-based models and carry out calculations with the help of corresponding theories.

Boltzmann statistics. Classical statistical thermodynamics. Partition functions. Virial expansions.

Physics - Statistical Thermodynamics (1 of 30) Basic Term and Concepts

Grid-based models for liquids. The Bragg-William approximation. Molecular dynamics.

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Monte Carlo simulations. Brownian dynamics. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian functions.

Statistical Mechanics or Thermodynamics

Extended Lagrangian methods. Simulations in different ensembles. Forcefields for molecules, liquids and solids.

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