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Lyndon has a brother, Woody, an indicted financier turned movie producer, and Woody has a plan, involving a golf-course resort on Lyndon's land and an aging kung-fu diva from Hong Kong with a mean kick and a meaner drinking problem.

Wrack and ruin : a novel

A dreadlocked buddy with an artificial leg, a small plot of exceptionally lush marijuana, two field biologists studying western snowy plovers, a disgraced museum curator, and Lyndon's great love, the impulsive mayor of Rosarita Bay-these are only some of the complications in Lyndon and Woody's lives over one madcap Labor Day weekend. Hilarious and philosophical, this many-hued novel about the landscape of contemporary "multicultural" America is critically acclaimed Don Lee's best book yet. His prose moves and sparkles.

Lyndon has a brother, Woody, an indicted financier turned movie producer, and Woody has a plan involving a golf course on Lyndon's land and an aging kung-fu diva from Hong Kong with a mean kick and an even meaner drinking problem. Over one madcap Labor Day weekend, this plan wreaks havoc on Lyndon's bucolic and carefully managed life--leading to various crises, adventures, and literature's first-ever windsurfing chase scene.

Lyndon Song, a renowned sculptor, fled the overwhelming New York art scene 17 years earlier to become a Brussels sprouts farmer and part-time welder in Rosarita Bay, a small, misty town an hour south of San Francisco.

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A marijuana-toking misanthrope, he was looking for peace and solitude, drawn to "the town's reputation as a developer's graveyard. Peace, alas, is elusive - especially after a developer with flagrant disregard for the environment wins approval to build a hotel, conference center, and golf course along prime oceanfront property.

smartmusicsearch.com/1410-line-track.php Lyndon's 20 acres sit "smack between the parcels for the hotel and golf course, meaning he was being pestered incessantly by attorneys and various developer minions, offering him ever more ridiculous sums of money to vacate. Enter his crass older brother, Woody, an indicted financier turned producer of trashy martial arts film remakes - and "a magnet for disaster. He arrives with an over-the-hill Hong Kong kung fu diva in tow, just in time for Rosarita's Labor Day Chili and Chowder cook-off and a heap of high jinks.

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Why are the Song brothers so out of tune? Lyndon is still furious with Woody for bilking their parents out of their life savings to keep him from prison.

As for Woody, he's terrified of hitting bottom again, "living among bums,. Woody is a singularly tedious caricature.

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He's meant to be annoying, in order to enable us to enjoy his wild brushes with death by quicksand, drowning, shark attack, and elephant stampede as his just desserts. But he shouldn't be so uninteresting. Lee, formerly the editor of the literary journal Ploughshares, lays it all on thick, with compulsive verbal riffs and breathless pacing.

Wrack and Ruin: A Novel